This website is devoted to TADS 3 translation into Czech language. Unfortunately majority of information about the project is hence in Czech language too. I hope to release more information about the project in future, but in the mean time I have a couple of TADS 3 resources of more general interest to share:

Multiplayer chat extension for TADS 3

This is a very simple and rather uncomplete chat extension for TADS. I've put it together as a learning exercise just after Mike released the Web UI support in TADS, but didn't have the time to finish it so keep in mind that this is rather a study material than a complete extension.

It basically works, but lacks an UI to change player's nick names.

English parser structure

While working on TADS translation I've made a diagram to help me visualize parser structure. It's probably not very useful, but maybe it could be interesting for to see the parser at a glance. Nodes represent grammatical productions, every node typically represent several grammatical rules and edges represent dependency between productions. Path through this graph is what TADS displays as a parse tree when in parser debug mode.